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Fragrance Couture LLC

This is the final image of the illustration for the Quinceanera line of fragrance by Fragrance Couture LLC that I did this summer ( 2013)  This is the shaded version of the Quinceanera line. The owner wanted a mat pallet for the illustration so unfortunately this isn't going to be on the fragrance bottle but I had already done this so i figured i'd upload it.  I went though various faces, going back and forth with the owner about how the girl is to look. These are only 2 of the many redesigns i has to do to find something she liked, but in the end I did and she was happy and thats what matters when it comes to commission work.  These are the other designs I did for Fragrance Couture LLC for a women's line of perfume. I went through what seemed like countless designs trying to find something she was happy with. She wasn't sure in what direction she wanted to go with for the design but she wanted it to be nice and feminine.

Photo Retouching

My best friend Tuesday  My friend Ben LeVon My brother Keenan  My niece Mackenzie, doing some retouching for her baby pageant. Yes this is the type of stuff the judges look for.  All the glassware are lamps that were created by Touch of Light Studios in Ferndale MI. I did some photography and photo retouching for the studio this summer.  All the other photos are of friends and family who wanted photo retouches to their photos that I took of them. I've done many more, i might upload them later ^_^.