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Custom Compass 

Freehand cover up

Foot tattoo, to cover up a dark spot

This one is a cover up

Gotta love Detroit


"God is within her she will not fall" 

Tiny Rick!! (Rick and Morty)

The Formula One logo

Sibling tattoo set 

This client came in with this 7 year old tattoo that he wanted to finally get finished. This unfinished outline is that I had to utilize (left). When he showed me the picture of what he wanted it to look like and I used what was there and modifying it to make it fit the image he had for his tattoo. He's much happier now. 

Work in progress of a custom dream catcher

Lock and key design on the chest

The Detroit Stargate

Simba (Lion King)

Detroit City Skyline with the Great Lakes- arm band

Custom design: Mix of the Puerto Rican and african flag 

Custom raccoon mosaic flow design 

Full side body design to distract from scars attributed from surgery. Can you find the scars now??

*Middle Eastern lettering meaning "It is written" (Top). and "Believe" (Bottom):

*Ho Fatto A Modo Mia " I did it my way..." :

*Can you guess this one? Oh yeah? You figured it out?... No Bull Shit? ^_^

*Cover up of what was suppose to be the number 13 but this guy got what looked like two black lighting bolts. Its ok I fixed it with a Neo Traditional Rose. 


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